Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Quicksteel Game Kickstarter

A good friend of mine is Kickstarting a game that he has designed.  It is called Quicksteel.  

The game is a self-contained card game that is made to capture the feel, the pace, the strategy, and the fun of a real-life fencing match.  A lot of time was spent in development and design.  I have had the privilege of playing this game several times and I can tell you that it is an incredibly fun game.  

While collectable card games like Magic and Pokemon are fun and have their appeal, they sometimes feel overwhelming in how expansive they are and matches sometimes can last hours.  With Quicksteel, you don't need to buy any more cards than what come with the deck and each match that I've played has been about ten to fifteen minutes.  But I've found that I never play just one match.  I always want to face off at least two or three times.

Below is a letter that my friend wrote promoting the game.  Click the link at the end of this post and consider funding this game.

As you may have heard, I created and designed a fencing card game that I’m working on getting funding for to have distributed on a large scale. To do this, my game is on a website called Kickstarter, which allows people to financially back and invest in projects they’re interested in that have yet to be distributed in mass quantity. This is called ‘crowd-funding,’ where a large group of people pledge a little money to help bring a new and undistributed project to life.
My goal is to request 100 people give $1 on the first few days of the campaign (September 3rdand 4th, etc). This will help to build early traction and draws other people to the page. If the project doesn’t reach its funding goal (which is the amount needed to get it made professionally), no one will be charged any money, but if it does meet its goal, I’ll be able to print my game and get it distributed to as many people and retail locations as I can!

Your support would mean so much and I literally cannot do any of this without backers like you. If you are able to, I would greatly appreciate if you would consider giving $1 today or tomorrow and sharing my project with others who might be interested in and willing to help, too.

Here’s the Kickstarter link for my game:

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