Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Trailer Time: Joker - Final Trailer

I know a lot of people are up in the air regarding this movie, but the more I see the more excited I become.  I am mesmerized by the snippets I've seen of Joaquin Phoenix's performance (he's come a long way from Space Camp).  Perhaps when it is all put together it won't fly, but his moments in this trailer are so intense that I can't stop watching.

I have no idea what the plot will be, but it seems like its the story of a man who is already unstable, but is pushed beyond the breaking point.  That first moment on the bus where he is entertaining the child is so nice and innocent, but because we live in a dark world it makes complete sense that the mother would be suspicious.

The thing that seems the most tragic about this is it appears as though all the horror could be avoided with just a little human compassion.  We'll see.


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