Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Best: Golden Globes 2017 Results

I was going to live-tweet the Golden Globes last Sunday like I have the past few years.  But to be honest, I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Not only could I not find myself very excited about most of the nominees, I couldn't even bring myself to a sufficient level of anger to make sarcastic comments.  I had, for the most part, an emotionally nil reaction to the whole affair.  This is indifference is far worse than any negative reaction, because it means that the Golden Globes are sliding further and further into irrelevance (though I know many of you say they are already there).

The best part of the evening was the opening number.  Having seen La La Land, I enjoyed the homage and loved seeing all of the celebrity cameos.

But it was all downhill from there.

To be honest, I'm having trouble even remembering who won in each category.  The most memorable thing about the night and all that most people are talking about is Meryl Streep's speech for accepting her lifetime achievement award.

Speaking of Streep, and this following comment is not meant to be political in any way, I found it very odd that she took this opportunity to speak about Donald Trump.  She was receiving an award for a lifetime of work in the arts.  And instead of thanking the people who made her career possible or sharing anecdotes about her time as an actress, she focused all of her words against someone she despised.  And I did not understand her attack on the NFL and MMA.  I don't know what those sports organizations ever did to her so I found her denigrating of them baffling.

If I had not seen La La Land, the only movie I would have seen that won an award last night was Zootopia.  And none of the TV shows I watch won anything.  Without a dog in the fight, why should I care?

The Globes are sometimes a barometer for the Oscars.  That has been less and less of a factor, but La La Land is building steam and movies about movies tend to win Oscars.

But otherwise, this awards season looks incredibly boring coming up.  That is why part of me is really hoping the dark hours campaign to get Deadpool an Oscar nomination for Best Picture comes through.  I don't believe that Deadpool will win or is even one of the best films of the year.  But that nomination would make the Oscars just a little more watchable.


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