Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thoughts on Oscars 2016

First of all, the winner of our annual Oscar Game is....

Nicole K.

I believe that this is the 3rd or 4th time in a row she has won.  She had a commanding win with 25 points.  I came in second with 10.  So congratulations to Nicole who will win a prize (contact me and we will arrange it).

And now, on to my thoughts.

1.  Low Ratings.
I said on my blog a few weeks ago: Here are the top 10 money-makers of 2015:  Star Wars, Jurassic World, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Inside Out, Furious 7, Minions, The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2, The Martian, Cinderella, Spectre.  Only 2 of them are nominated for Best Picture.  This means that this will be a low-rated Oscars because there are very few films to root for.
It turns out that I was correct.  This was one of the lowest rated Oscars in years.  I am convinced the reason wasn't the ceremony itself, but the fact that few of the big money-makers (especially Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens), were not nominated.  So the night was a lot of "who cares?"

2.  Not Timeless
A question that should be asked about the categories, especially Best Picture, is "Will people remember this decades from now?"  I mean, what are the timeless movies?  I have not seen Spotlight, but I can guarantee people will have trouble remember that this movie won Best Picture in 5 years.  People would remember Mad Max or The Martian winning.

3.  L.A. Lecutres
What is it about winning an award for make-believe that makes people think that we really need their lectures on how to live?  Maybe I've missed it, but I can't remember a Super Bowl winner looking at the camera and saying, "I'm so grateful we won and stop using non-rechargable batteries!"  At the Oscars we were told who not to vote for, told that sex changes are "gender CONFIRMATION surgery," we are ruining the planet with climate change, and that Pope Francis needs to fix the Church so that it reaches Hollywood's impecable moral standards.

4.  Actresses and Age
Brie Larson is a fantastic actress.  I did not see Room, but I heard she was excellent in it and so she won at age 26.  But this got me thinking.
I tried to compile a list of the 25 Best Actresses of All Time, but I kept coming to a roadblock for a lot of actresses in that they had very few notable performances.  Not only that, most of them were from their youth.  As they get older, they tend to work less and less (Meryl Streep is a notable exception).  
So I went and looked something up.  In the last 30 years, 10 actresses in their 20's have won Best Actress Oscars (Marlee Matlin, Jodie Foster (counted twice for her 2 wins), Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, Hillary Swank, Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, and Brie Larson)
In the entire history of the Oscars, only one man has ever won a Best Actor Oscar in his 20's (Adrian Brody).
I'm not sure what this means, if anything.  It's just an observation.

5.  Mad for Max
I was very happy that Mad Max won as many awards as it did.  But I find it so strange that a movie that won so many awards for such a rich visual experience should not give the award for directing to the main architect of that experience.  Of the nominees, Mad Max was clearly the Best Picture.  But we have our Hollywood tastemakers to guide us.  Then again, maybe I should think about it this way: Mad Max got beaten by a movie with Batman, the Hulk, Sabertooth, and Dr. Manhattan.

Those are my initial thoughts?

What are yours?

Below are my tweets of the evening.  (start at the bottom and go up for chronological order)

  1. CS Lewis: "Whatever is not eternal is eternally out of date." I can't help thinking of this quote after watching
  2. I have not seen Spotlight so I cannot comment on its quality. But I doubt most people will remember it winning 5 years from now
  3. Spotlight's total box office is less than Batman made in 3 days... In 1989 (and that's not adjusted for inflation)

  4. Nothing like ending a tedious evening with Hollywood lecturing Holy Mother Church about the exploitation of children

  5. "Mad Max is such a visually amazing film it deserves so many awards" "What about Best Director?" "... I don't understand the question."
  6. Morriconne's score for the Mission is one of the most beautiful film scores ever and it didn't win
  7. This is Morriconne's first Oscar? Are you kidding? John Williams should have won, but still this is cool
  8. If they had done a song and performance like that when Roman Polanski won his Oscar...
  9. I don't think I'm going to make it to the end... Too... Bored...
  10. I can't believe we lost Spock, Saruman, Snape, and Robert Loggia in the same year.

  11. When they say "coming up, performances by..." It sounds more like a threat than anything else
  12. "This Oscar is going home in a Civic" line of the night

  13. Mark Rylance just beat out Judge Dredd, Batman, Bane, and the Hulk
  14.  In reply to 
    : Some disgruntled animator got on Wikipedia really quickly ” so wrong, but so funny
  15. Does anyone else find this performance icky?
  16. Is anyone else thinking about the opening to Pitch Perfect 2 right now?
  17. Pete Doctor gets the award for best acceptance speech of the night (so far)
  18. In my head, Joy just took control because Inside Out won

  19. Okay, I admit it was cheesy, but I felt like a little kid seeing the droids on stage talking about John Williams
  20. Psylocke is presenting
  21. I know, I know I'm a fanboy saying this, but The Force Awakens should have won
  22. They put a digital beard on Damon for The Martian?
  23. I know there is a difference between sound mixing and sound editing, but I'm too lazy to look it up
  24. Captain America presenting another award for Mad Max
  25. "Coming up, music from The Wknd and Lady Gaga" How is that an incentive to not switch channels for 30 min
  26. Sabertooth and the voice of Ms. Marvel gave Mad Max another award
  27. The Human Torch and someone from Doctor Strange are presenting
  28. The bear needs to win
  29. The Collector and Elektra are presenting
  30. Now the Mad Max winners for makeup are up in a skybox. The next winners will be coming from across the street
  31.   Retweeted
    I watched Room, and felt cheated. Where was Tommy Wiseau
  32. I hope this means Mad Max will win more awards besides the technical
  33. 2 in a row for Mad Max. Why did they put them so far back in the audience?
  34. Mad Max won for best costumes. It looks like the designer for the costumes from her personal wardrobe
  35. I thought the screenplay for The Big Short was terrible but I knew it would win. It makes the voters feel smart
  36. I wish you knew which awards were up next so that you knew the times you could do a quick power nap

  37. Didn't see Danish Girl, but Vikander was great in Ex Machina. So if she doesn't win for that, I'm okay with this win
  38. "Gender reassignment surgery" is now "gender confirmation surgery?" When did that happen?
  39. The worst part about this performance isn't the singing. It's the realization I'm going to have to sit through all the nominees
  40. "People complain the Oscars are too long" "Let's add musical numbers!"
  41. Unless you follow Hollywood politics, most people would have no idea what the deal was with Stacy Dash
  42. Why did The Big Short win for writing? Because no one wanted to admit that they couldn't follow the confusing jargon
  43. That might be the funniest monologue I've heard in awhile. Chris Rock is a great host so far
  44. Funny and insightful joke about separating male female actors by Chris Rock
  45. Wow! Chris Rock is hitting hard against
  46. In the opening montage, should you show clips from movies that weren't nominated but are better than the nominees


  1. Sorry about the absence. Connectivity issues are just a small part of me wanting to pack my bags for Fiji.

    Didn't catch the Oscars, but thanks to a hatefully misanthropic guess about Best Picture, I am thirty bucks to the good.

    Gotta love them smug halfwits.