Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trailer Time: Jessica Jones TV Show

Based on the edgy Marvel comic book Alias (no relation to the TV show of the same name), Jessica Jones is about a former super hero who has become a hard-boiled private investigator.

My biggest concern with this show was the element of peril.  Daredevil worked so well on so many levels.  One of the reasons why was that you felt how dangerous it was to be him.  When he was punched, you felt the bruising.  With Jessica Jones I was worried that if you had a character who could lift cars and jump up buildings, something would be lost.

But this trailer has completely sold me.

In fact, the level of danger seems almost impossible to comprehend.  How in the heck is Jessica going to stand up to someone as evil and as powerful as Killgrave.  For me, the freakiest part were the people in the background with the nooses.

This show definitely looks like it will be for mature viewers only.  I hope it will not be because of graphic sex and violence.  But there is something to be said about exploring heroism in the face of darkness and real, tangible evil.


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