Saturday, November 16, 2013

Trailer Time: Heaven is For Real

I am a skeptical person by nature.  So when a book was made called Heaven is For Real, which is about a little boy with a near death experience who saw Heaven, started making the rounds I did not pay it much attention.

I still have no stance on the story's veracity.  But they have just made a movie based on the book.  And I was struck that they got a fairly decent sized star in Greg Kinnear.  And the trailer is unabashedly religious.  It show what so many of us do in times of crisis: pray and ask for prayers.  I rarely see this in a Hollywood film.

But then I found out that it was directed by Randal Wallace.  I have always been a fan of his.  He wrote the screenplays to movies like Braveheart and Pearl Harbor.  He also wrote and directed the horribly underrated The Man in the Iron Mask and We Were Soldiers.  His movies have strong values, bold drama, and big heart.

Check out the trailer below and let me know your thoughts (it made my wife cry).

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