Friday, November 8, 2013

Comic Book Movie and TV Roundup

I know I have been lapse in updating this blog, but as I have whined about ad nauseum here, I have been busier this year than any other year.

However, there has been a plethora of comic book movie and television news so I thought I would add my two cents.

-I will have a film flash / film review of this one up soon.


Marvel studios has just contracted with Netflix to make 4 new comic book tv series:

Iron Fist
Power Man
Jessica Jones (based her comic Alias, not to be confused with the Jennifer Garner show).

I think this is good news because these characters come from much grittier backgrounds and can explore the more mature side of the Marvel Universe.  I hope that this won't be an excuse for needless sex and violence.  But you can take the characters places that I don't think you could on network television.


DC is not wanting to fall behind on this TV trend either.  They are already spinning of The Flash from Arrow.  But they just announced that they are developing an Hourman show.

The Golden Age Hourman was Rex Tyler who invented a pill called Miraclo that would give him super strength for an hour at a time.  This obviously doesn't translate as well to the modern time seeing as how this would make him a short burst steroid junkie.

This Hourman will be based on the idea from Geoff Johns' run on Justice Society, where the main character would have a vision of a calamity that would occur 1 hour in the future, giving him only that amount of time to stop it.  This could like a super hero version of 24.


An upcoming episode of Agents of Shield will apparently deal with the fallout over what happened in Thor: The Dark World.  I really like this synergy between Marvel's movies and TV.  Hopefully they can feed off of each other well.  But to me it feels like an old school comic book crossover event.


DC is still looking to build its Justice League franchise and the rumor going around is that they are looking to bring Wonder Woman into the new Batman/Superman movie.  So far I've heard a lot of buzz about 2 actresses:

Jamie Alexander plays Sif in the Thor movies.  I think this is an excellent choice and if you see the last Thor film, she captures that warrior stature without feeling mannish.

The other name I've read is Olga Kurylenko, who I only remember from the awful James Bond movie Quantum of Solace.  I haven't seen her in enough movies to have a strong opinion, but I think she could be okay.

 I still say that they look at Yyvone Strahovski.  I think if she darkened her hair she would be great.


I was so excited to hear the rumor that Nightwing would be in the new Batman/Superman movie.  This is very cool because we've had several movie incarnations of Dick Grayson, but never in his current incarnation as Nightwing.  This would also play into the idea that's been released that Batman is an older, more experienced and world-weary fighter in this new Justice League universe.

But then I just read who they are thinking of casting.  Adam Driver from the show Girls.  This is a TERRIBLE idea.  I'm sorry, but I feel very protective of the Dick Grayson character.  I accepted that Chris O'Donnel would play him.  But you CANNOT give this part to Adam Driver.  I know people were up in arms over Affleck being cast as Batman, even though I had the opposite reaction.  But their revulsion is something I feel regarding this casting.  Again as of now it is all rumor, but I hope it comes to nothing.


I really like the last Wolverine film.  I thought it was the portrayal of the character.  So I was happy to hear that the same director will be bringing us another installment of the adventures of Logan starring Hugh Jackman.

The announcement seems to be striking while the X-Men iron is hot.  The Days of Future Past trailer is burning up the inter webs.  With this upcoming Wolverine film, that will make it the 8th time Jackman has played the character on screen.  I hope he never quits.


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