Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Evangelizers Post: St. Peter - One of Us

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I sometimes imagine a dialogue between God and Humanity where we complain to Him.

HUMANITY: God, you are too far above us!  How can we ever hope to be perfect as You are perfect?

GOD:  I understand.  So I shall become one of you.  I will be the Man Jesus and I will show you how you are to live a perfect human life.

HUMANITY: But that isn’t fair!  Jesus is a Divine Person!  We are mere creatures.  How could we, your creation, possible imitate someone so perfect?

GOD: I understand.  So I shall give you the Blessed Virgin.  She is no God.  She is a creature.  And she shall be your model of human holiness.

HUMANITY: But that isn’t fair!  She has no Original Sin.  We are fallen creatures!  How can we base our lives on her-

GOD: FINE!  You can’t deal with perfection!  Then I’ll send to you the biggest screw-up I can find, and HE will be your leader and role model.  Now you have no more excuses.


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