Saturday, May 11, 2013

Community Season 5? That's Streets Ahead!

Cool, cool, cool.

Community will be returning for a 5th season!

I think everyone universally agrees that this past season has been the worst in the series.  I am convinced that it is because of the departure of creator and show runner Dan Harmon.  He was fired over his conflict with Chevy Chase.
Dan Harmon (photo by Gage Skidmore)

But now that Chase has quit, there is a chance Harmon will return and bring the show back to what it once was.  Deadline Hollywood as the story here.

And while this season wasn't nearly as good as seasons past, it still made me laugh more than most of what was on television.  And they had some great moments like puppet Jeff or Annie pretending to be Mrs. Winger.

Its renewal has less to do with how great it's been doing in the ratings, but rather how much worse every other show has done.  NBC has cancelled every other sitcom they aired this year except for Parks and Recreation.

And by now, the students of Greendale are like old friends.  Even if they've lost a step, I still have great affection for them and want to spend more time with them.

I pray that Dan Harmon comes back.  When Community was popping, it was one of the best television shows ever.  He made a simple game of Dungeons and Dragons in a cramped study room feel like and epic adventure.

And most of its themes are solid.  At the beginning of the series the main character espoused moral relativism: morality is whatever he says it is.  But by the end of season 3, he recalled that first day and showed how his time at Greendale changed him.

The show also has one of the most outwardly Christian characters on TV, Shirley Bennet, who is not constantly mocked for her beliefs.  She and atheist Britta exchange barbs about religion, but Shirley is not held up as an object of ridicule (e.g. Ned Flanders) and she gives as good as she gets.

I think that Community has one more chance to either catch on so that Abed's prediction will come true ("Six seasons and a movie.") or to wrap up everything in a satisfying way.

Check out Community from the beginning if you get a chance.  I cannot recommend it more.

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