Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Trailer Time: Ms. Marvel

I want to say upfront that I have not been a big fan of Kamal Khan from the Marvel Comics.  Like Miles Morales in the comics, her stories are either bland or weirdly preachy.  She constantly feels like a character that you are "supposed" to like rather than one who organically becomes a fan favorite.

Also, a lot of the people I listen to have been dragging this trailer, saying that it is pointing to the end of the MCU.

My own thoughts?

I thought it looked kind of fun.

In this trailer, Kamala seems way more fun, engaging, and relatable than in the comics.  She is an outcast geek, in the same way Peter Parker was the way Stan Lee originally wrote him.  As a high school teacher, there is something about her that is very familiar to some of the students I teach.  I like the fact that she in many ways is an alienated, boy-crazy, typical teen.  Seeing this trailer, I was reminded how the cinematic end of Marvel properties does a better job of making their characters appeal to a broader audience.  Miles Morales is awesome in Into the Spider-Verse, and Kate Bishop was sort of charming in Hawkeye on Disney +.

I also like that they changed her power set from the comics to something different on film.  This makes her much more akin to Captain Marvel and thus makes their connection stronger.  

Very little is scene of the story, but that is okay for now.  I'm not looking for this one to change the world or anything.  But it looks to be an enjoyable Ant-Man level romp.


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