Thursday, March 19, 2020

Feast Day of St. Joseph - 2020

I have written extensively online about my love and devotion to St. Joseph.  I owe much, not just in broad terms of salvation history, but in my personal life as well.  He has been my friend and helper through many trials and difficulties along the road of life.

I was reflecting on St. Joseph during this time of social distancing.  Scripture never records any of Joseph's words, but there is profundity in that silence.  St. Joseph is a real man, a man of action.  When he is told to take Mary into his care, he does not question.  He accepts God's will and he acts.  When he is told that they must flee Bethlehem and go down into Egypt, he accepts God's will and he acts.

St. Joseph may have been scared or nervous.  But Scripture does not tell us one way or another.  He was asked to set out on a journey with an uncertain future.  Right now, many of us are nervous, especially because we do not know how long this sojourn will last.  And many of us are trying to be brave for our families.

St. Joseph was brave.  He was brave not because he lacked fear.  He was brave because even in the face of terrifying challenges, he got down to the business of doing God's will and taking care of his family.

I will be praying in a very special way to St. Joseph for our country and our world during this time of social distancing.  Let us model ourselves after him.

Prayer to Saint Joseph for a Difficult Problem
O Glorious St. Joseph, thou who hast power to render possible even things which are considered impossible, come to our aid in our present trouble and distress.
Take this important and difficult affair under thy particular protection, that it may end happily. (MENTION YOUR REQUEST)
O dear St. Joseph, all our confidence is in thee. Let it not be said that we would invoke thee in vain; and since thou art so powerful with Jesus and Mary, show that thy goodness equals thy power.  Amen.
St. Joseph, friend of the Sacred Heart, pray for us.

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