Monday, December 10, 2018

New Evangelizers Post: Faith in the Future

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It is easy to believe when times are good.

It is also easy to believe when we know what to expect.

When we are in a reasonable routine and we make plans for tomorrow and those plans come to pass, it is easy to see the hand of God guiding us and protecting us.

But when some calamity comes our way where the outcome is uncertain, it is common that our faith is shaken. In these cases, we don’t know what tomorrow will hold and we worry about it from hour to hour. Will our fears come true? As someone who struggles constantly with anxiety, this is something that I have found a real challenge to my spiritual growth. Or at least, that is the way it seems to me. But what if this is the place where my faith is being realized?

I can look at the past and thank God for all of his abundant blessings He has given. But then do I take the lesson from those blessing and apply to what is to come. This is where faith becomes real: in the future.

You can read the whole article here.

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