Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Trailer Time: Captain Marvel


Marvel has a lot riding on Captain Marvel.

Not only is the first female-led film in the MCU, but the plan is for her to be the lynchpin character for the franchise after the original Avengers retire after Infinity War Part 2.

This is our first taste of what this film will be.

Here are some assorted thoughts:

-I love the fact the trailer throws you immeadiately into the 1990's by showing you a Blockbuster.  I wish the rest of the trailer had a stronger '90's vibe with some Nirvana music or Stone Temple Pilots.

-Visually, the film looks excellent.  The special effects are top notch and it should give us a wonderful spectacle.

-I have no sense of Carol Danvers personality in this trailer.  One of the things that Marvel banks on is the personality of its heroes.  Iron Man could never have have established the MCU if his personality had not be as strong and funny.  I get no feel from Captain Marvel.

-I have no sense of the story from this trailer.  I know as a fan of the comics that this is somehow going to involve the Kree/Skrull war.  But it all seems very vague.

-They are leaning very heavily into the fact that Captain Marvel is a woman.  That's fine.  They did the same thing with Wonder Woman, and that was a great super hero film.  I'm just hoping that the film isn't primarily based in identity politics.  In other words, I want Captain Marvel to be a superhero who happens to be female, not a woman superhero. 

-Brie Larson is a great actress, but I don't get a chance to see much of her performance in this, other than she seems very confused.

-I really dig the young Nick Fury.  He feels more grounded, like the man before he became the legendary head of SHIELD.  I would like this film to really explore his character in a way even deeper than The Winter Soldier.

Overall, my reaction is fairly positive.  I would like to see more, but I generally like what I see so far.



  1. Something I noticed is that Carol seems to have some sort of amnesia. So maybe her not having much of a personality is intentional, like she has to find out who she is?

    1. That makes a lot of sense. She is an excellent actress, so it isn't like she doesn't have range. So we shall see.