Friday, June 8, 2018

Trailer Time: Bumblebee

The Transformers franchise lost most of its steam with the horrendous The Last Knight

This feels like a last ditch attempt to get milk this series for all that its worth.

Setting this movie in the 1980's is obviously meant to appeal to Gen-Xers like me who first encounter the Transformers when were children in the Reagan decade.  They are clearly trying to appeal to our sense of nostalgia to give this movie series another chance.

And darn it, it's working. 

I love the classic VW Beetle look as well as the overall aesthetic.  But for me, as silly as it sounds, the thing that has me the most excited is that the Transformers seem to be transforming the way they did as the original toys.

Part of the fun of the old cartoon show was to watch the robots transform into their various shapes and then to re-enact it with our own die-cast metal and plastic replicas (while making the transforming sound effects without our mouths.  You know the one). 

This teaser is light on plot but it has me intrigued enough to want to see more.


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  1. The old school transforming was exactly the same thing I got excited about too!