Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Best: Upcoming TV Shows Fall 2016

One of the things I like that television networks have been doing in the last few years is giving us extended trailers to their upcoming fall shows.

I watch a lot of TV (arguably too much).  I do not have time to see everything that I want to.  This summer I plan to finally catch up on a show that a friend of mine has been asking me to watch for the past 5 years.  But that still leaves me with a huge list of things I want to see.

So youtube now has a lot of these trailers and I can begin to make my decisions about which shows look like a good investment of time.

Here are the top trailers for shows that look either good, have potential, or not-sure-but-I'll-give-it-a-try.  What I find interesting is how similar many of them are:

(for some reason, most of the trailers are not publishing to this blog, so I am making links in the titles)


Time After Time

 I love the movie that this film is based on, even though it has the most demasculinized hero in the history of cinema.  The trailer brings up a lot of the classic lines and plot points.  I am curious about an expansion of the story with the new twist at the very end.

Lethal Weapon

This is a show that I think is going to suffer from the name more than being helped.  If it was called something else, the action might be more effective.  But with the name I cannot help of thinking of the amazing work done by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover

Training Day

The only thing that is anchoring me to this show is Bill Paxton.  The idea is intriguing as a battle of souls, but I'm waiting to see how it goes.


I think highly of the movie, but there is something about the way this show is shot that is intriguing me.  I also think the gender swap of the child character adds a whole different emotional dynamic that I will enjoy exploring.


Not only do we have Time After Time, but we have:


Again, this seems like standard time travel fare, but the end of the trailer has me incredibly intrigued.

Making History

This could run out of steam very quickly, but the trailer made me laugh and laugh.



The plot sounds a bit like Robocop, but I'm looking forward to exploring the relationship between law enforcement and technology

Pure Genius

I was not sold on this until the little girl's coma words.  If this show can bring that kind of emotion each week, I might be hooked.


These last ones aren't in any specific category, but I might give them a try.

The Good Place

Normally, the concept of this show would turn me off completely as a devout Catholic, because ultimately it is saying that my religion is a lie.  However, I like the producers and cast and I'm hoping there is more to it than there appears.  I am going to give it at least one episode.

American Housewife

This comedy could be a little too broad, but there is some great potential here.

Downward Dog

This could be too gimicky, like the 3rd Look Who's Talking movie, but I like the cast and it made me laugh and it gave me the feels too.


The following are my favorite two trailers.

The Great Indoors

I adore Joel McHale as a comedian and this trailer made me laugh more than any of the ones that I've seen.  I've lost my taste for most laugh-track comedies, but this one has some real potential.

Designated Survivor

This show I think has the greatest potential to be great, if they can keep up the momentum I saw in the trailer.  Kiefer Sutherland is one of the best TV actors around and I can't wait to see what he does with this part.

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