Monday, June 30, 2014

The Gospel According to (Elton) John

So Elton John gave an interview with Sky News where he said regarding "gay marriage" and the Church:

"If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him... saying this could not happen," 

Now I always get nervous when news sources have an ellipses in a quote.  There is too much room to distort.  But let us assume that this accurately reflects his view.

Do you not see the glaring ignorance of this statement?  It completely misunderstands all of Christianity and shows the ignorance of the modern world.

"If Jesus Christ was alive today…"

Jesus IS alive today.

We worship the Risen Christ, the Living God.

This is the fundamental mental division between ourselves and the secular culture.

We are not the Jesus fan club.  We are not simply a group of fallible people guessing at the meanings and applications regarding the esoteric teachings of some dead moral philosopher.

We are the Body of Christ.  Jesus is alive.  He lives in His Church.  The Scriptures are His Living Word.  The Magesterium is guided by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

To people like Elton John, Christianity is a dead thing like a log that can be chopped up and shaped into whatever he desires.

But the reality is that Christianity is a living thing.  Christ is the vine and we are His branches.  And if we cut ourselves off from the Living Vine, we wither and die.

Elton John has every right to speak his ignorance.

But so much more is our responsibility to point out that it is ignorance.

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