Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Comics: Liefeld Out!

photo by Pinguino

A breaking story via says that Rob Liefeld is leaving DC.

I do not wish to pile on, as there are may internet haters.  And I do think that he does have talent, but that it has not been used very well in DC.

The sad fact is that every time he took more control of a book, the quality of the book suffered.  As I noted in my article last week, Hawk and Dove started out strong, but when writer Sterling Gates was out and Liefeld directed the story, it lost all of its steam.  He had a similar effect on me for Deathstroke and Grifter.  I was unaware that he was heavily involved in The Savage Hawkman, but that was the first book I cut from my pull list, though I do not know if he was on it from the start.

I think that it was a mistake to hire him in the first place, unless he was able to sell his vision to the editors at DC.  But sadly he was not able to sell it to the consumers.

I wish him well, but I hope that this means that the quality of the books at DC will improve.

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