Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Strangest Air Conditioning Design Ever

My good friend Matthias shared with me something.  He was house sitting and the home he was in did not have a working central air.  Instead, a room air conditioner was used to cool the entire house using a relay method.  See below:

Matthias was kind enough give us this detailed diagram.

Notice how the air unit is in the GUEST BEDROOM, so the room that it directly cools is a room that nobody occupies.

Now see how the door to that room is only open a crack, as if to focus the cool air into the hallway fan. That fan pushes the cool air down the to another fan which pushes the air around the larger rooms.

I can't tell if this is genius or madness.



  1. If it's 75 outside and over 100 inside the solution is simple: they need an attic fan.


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