Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Best: Director 2007

photo by Elen Nivrae

Zach Snyder: 300
So much of this movie’s success depended upon Zach Snyder’s vision.  It was a 
risk to film the entire movie on green screen and engage in the hyper-violence.  
But instead of making it a rehashed video-game knock off, Snyder made a unique 
visual experience.  As I noted in my last post about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, 
green screen can kill believability.  But in order for you
to accept the stylized reality being created, the visuals
make you understand that you are not experiencing reality
as we know it.  And through all of the gore, he still hits
the emotional core that stirs the audience desire to fight
for freedom
Jason Reitman: Juno
Edgar Wright: Hot Fuzz
Adam Shankman: Hairspray
David Yates: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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