Monday, August 20, 2012

Casting Call: Aquaman

While he is the butt of many jokes, not only is Aquaman one of the most popular superheroes in terms of name recognition. And right now in the comic book industry, his book has beaten X-Men in terms of sales. He is a stalwart of the Justice League, so it would make sense to put him in it.

So who could play the King of Atlantis? It would have to be someone who can convey a sense of alienation while also being regal. Aquaman is someone who helps others even if they think he's a joke.
And yet you need to make him savage enough to understand he's a threat.

Here are our choices:

Bradley Cooper

He has skill as an actor and can pull of action.

Jeremy Renner

photo by Eva Rinaldi

Even though he's already an Avenger, he could also cross universes to DC

Ryan Gosling
photo by Tony Shek

His range as an actor could bring a lot more to the table with Aquaman

Aaron Eckhart
photo by Mutari

A bit on the older side, this would be an Aquaman that is more beaten down by life and doesn't play around

Jamie Bamber

photo by pinguino k
I had him down as a possible Flash, but he fits this role better.

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