Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trailer Time: Skyfall

When they rebooted the Bond franchise back in 2006, I was horribly skeptical.  Not only because I had no idea who Daniel Craig was at the time but when I when I finally did see him he was... blond!  For some reason I couldn't get past it.  A blond James Bond?  That would be like a toupee-less Captain Kirk.   I went into the theatre thinking it would be awful.

I can say now that not only is Casino Royale my favorite Bond movie, but Daniel Craig is the best James Bond (and now I wait to incur the wrath of the Connery lovers.  I fear no such reprisals from Team Dalton).

Which is why you can understand my disappointment at the utter mess that was Quantum of Solace.  Not only is it a terribly confusing title (they could have called it Viscosity of Torpor for all the difference it would have made), but I didn't realize that directing would be awful and the story so convoluted it was nearly impossible to follow.

But I still believe in this Bond incarnation so I am hopeful for Skyfall.  The title is potent and straightforward, as I hope the movie will be.  It takes Bond in a direction I have never seen, so that should be interesting.

But does Javier Bardem have somewhere in his contract that whenever he plays a villain they have to give him the haircut of '60's female pinup girl?  I mean, look at his hair!  It's... blond!


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