Friday, August 10, 2012

Trailer Time: Red Dawn

The original Red Dawn is one of the most frightening movies I've ever seen.  In America, we lived in a relative blanket of security.  The idea of Russians parachuting in the middle of the school yard was a scary concept indeed.

This new film has the Chinese invade.  Actually, it was supposed to be the Chinese, but then after the movie was finished, the studio was worried about the Chinese oversees market, so they've had to change all the China stuff in post production to North Korea.

Set aside the fact that the idea of the North Korean army coming here and doing anything other than defecting, and the fact that Oh-So-Sensitive-To-Race-Relations Hollywood have basically said that Chinese and Koreans are basically the same and I think this movie may not be bad.

The original was just supposed to be a small slice of the overall war.  Now the trailer makes it look like the Wolverines will play some pivotal role in getting the North Korean super secret weapon.  Part of the power of the first was that it was supposed to be about simple survival and resistance in an occupied America.

I thought that the Total Recall remake was pointless, and while I don't think that this remake is necessary either, I can see the value of updating the story to make it palpable to this generation.  The theme, as stated in the trailer, "We inherited our freedom.  Now it's up to all of us to fight for it," is profound and is worthy of relaying.

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