Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Comics: Justice League of America #6 - Trinity War Part 2

Last week I wrote about all of the build up and beginnings of the DC Event: Trinity War.

This week, we get the fallout of the explosive events of the first issue.  When last we left our story, the two Justice Leagues were squaring off and one member killed someone.  I shall refrain from mentioning who the killer is at this time.  But suffice to say that last issue surprised me.

But I was also surprised by this issue as well.  I expected the entire issue to be a brawl between the two leagues that escalated throughout the entire book.  Instead, it comes to an end quickly, surprisingly, and very dramatically.  And while the immediate conflict ends, the mystery really begins.

This leads Wonder Woman to strike out on her own.  The source of the problem is Pandora's box, which released sin into the world.  Once again, we get a wonderful (but short) discussion on the origin of evil in man: is it internal or external.  But because the box is mystical in origin, she realizes that she has to go outside the wheelhouse of the Justice League or the JLA.  She then seeks out the Justice League Dark.

The JLD deal with the seedy underbelly of DC's magical universe.  Their involvement is essential to unraveling the mystery of who is setting up the league and what can be done about it.  But the situation seems to only get more and more dire.

Today I was thinking about how this JL vs. JLA story felt similar to Marvel's Civil War storyline which set Captain America's team against Iron Man's.  That story also raised some fascinating questions and had some wonderful character moments.  But like most Marvel stories, it fell flat at the conclusion.  I have higher hopes for Trinity War.  We'll see.

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