Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trailer Time: The Lifeguard

I am a fan of Kristen Bell, having been addicted to Veronica Mars for all 3 seasons.

Here's what I think looks interesting about this movie: it captures the phenomenon of the non-adult adult.  It seems like when our parent were our age, they were adults and we were the children.  But even though I'm an adult, part of me still feels like a foolish child (of course my giant collection of DC Comics action figures staring down at me while I write this may have something to do with it).

The point being, there are a lot of people out there who have gotten older but still don't feel like they have found their place in this world.  So they regress into immaturity.  She says, "I'm allowed to be lost."  Yes, but then you have a RESPONSIBILITY to find your way, not tread water in life.  To paraphrase CS Lewis, we are called be child-like, not childish.

What I hope this film does is explore that problem, but then come out the other side strongly on the idea that sometimes, you just have to put aside childish things and grow up.

We'll see.

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