Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lionsgate Buys Indulgences from Gay Purgatory

Orson Scott Card should not be employed because he holds a belief that Pope Francis, half of America, and Barak Obama (from 18 months ago) have.

As a result, people are calling for a boycott of a movie based on one of his novels, Ender's Game.

The movie studio has sinned by employing someone with such obviously bigoted views, like the one Bill Clinton and Joe Biden had when they passed the Defense of Marriage Act.  They are now receiving a purgative fire from the new Thought Police.  In order to avoid this fire meant to purge anyone who holds orthodox beliefs regarding human nature, Lionsgate (the studio producing Ender's Game) has announced that they will be holding fundraisers for gay causes (TBD).

I think they assume paying these indulgences will get them back into a state of grace with those intolerant of religious orthodoxy.  My prediction is that it will fail.  The haters have called out for Card's pound of flesh.  Soon, some of the cast and crew will be trotted out to not only contradict card, but they will outright condemn him.  They will hang him out to dry.

Better for one career to die and the movie survive, right?

So don't forget you who are faithful to the truth of the Gospel: you have no right to be employed.  You are a bigot.  You are to be held up for contempt.

They are coming for you next.

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