Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Best: Top 5 Movies to Watch on Halloween

With All Hallow's Eve coming up, I thought it was appropriate to take a small break and make a list of recommended movie watching for the night.

Full disclosure: I really do not enjoy horror movies.  Or scary movies in general.  My basic philosophy that life is horrible enough.  I don't need to pay someone to make it more horrible for me.

But I do see real artistry in many scary films.  It is amazing that a piece of audio/visual stimulation can elicit such a strong emotional response.

The following recommendations are NOT the 5 scariest movies of all time.  Some of them are scary and some are not.  But I would recommend watching them for an entertaining Halloween.

5.  The Monster Squad.

This is like a discount Goonies fighting classic Universal monsters.  The quality of the film is not the greatest in terms of writing or acting.  But I can't tell you how much this movie captured my imagination as a kid.  There is something wonderfully cathartic about a little fat kid kicking Wolfman in the Nards.

4.  Shaun of the Dead.

This is heavily on the vulgar and violent side, but this is a comedy that completely understands the genre it is parodying and does so with great love.  It is both funny and scary.  A modern classic.

3.  Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Like Monster Squad, this is has the traditional stable of Universal movie monsters, but it also has the incomparable genius of Abbot and Costello bring insane life to every scene.  I can't tell you how many times I watched this as a kid with great delight.  Perfect comedy.  Perfrect for Halloween, at least.

2.  Poltergeist.

If you are in the mood for somethings scarier, this is the one I would recommend.  It does such a wonderful job of creating a scary atmosphere in that cookie-cutter community and the scares still hold up.  It made the supernatural both awe-inspiring and awful.  Watch, but turn off the TV when you're done.

1.  Ghostbusters

Whether you are into the supernatural or not, Ghostbusters is the perfect movie to watch on Halloween.  It is fun and creative, full of lots of tricks and treats.  You can't go wrong with these guys.

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