Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trailer Time: 13 Hours - The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

I agree very much with Joss Whedon that some of the best dramatic actors come from comedic backgrounds.  Doing comedy with excellence and honesty takes a lot of acting skill.

So when I heard that John Krasinski of The Office was going to be in a drama, I took note.  If you look at the great dramatic work that his British Office counterpart Martin Freeman has done, I can only hope for that same potential to be realized.

Also, this is a Michael Bay film.  I know that he has a lot of detractors online.  But I am a staunch defender of his skills with a camera.  The failings of his movies tend to be the scripts, not the visuals.

And then I saw this trailer and it gave me chills.  I am quite frankly shocked, like I was with the upcoming movie Captive, that so many big names were attached to this movie.  What happened at Benghazi is a political football.  But if Bay plays it right, like Zero Dark Thirty, he will focus on the lives of these brave Americans on the ground and let the audience draw their own political conclusions.



  1. Bey makes millions with little more than eye candy, why should he work harder than he has to?

    Reminds me of that scene from My Name is Earl

    "Ernie was a genius. He understood that if you introduced a very low grade of seafood to a population a little bit at a time, peoples' stomachs would adapt. And he was right. You should see the stuff we serve. Basically, it's chum."

    1. I respectfully disagree: