Saturday, May 16, 2015

Trailer Time: The Muppets TV Show (2015)

I think this trailer looks, witty, funny, and mature.

I also think that this show is a MONUMENTAL mistake.

This show, I predict, will be the end of The Muppets.

Oh, I'm sure they will be around here and there.  But as a culturally important franchise, this will kill them.

The original Muppet movie is about wonder and childlike belief, sprinkled with guest stars.

This new show is a cynical twist on something wholesome: like fresh milk spiked with bad vodka.

Marijuana jokes?

Nudity jokes?

Sorry, but if I had children, I would keep them far away from this show.  Not only that, I would sadly probably keep them away from the earlier good Muppet outings for fear that they would watch this.

It is destroying the goodwill and legacy of this beloved franchise.  

In a desperate attempt to stay relevant, they are abandoning their timeless virtues and are nailing themselves to a fading moment in pop culture.

This is where the Rainbow Connection ends.


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