Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Best: TV Moms

IIn honor of Mother's Day, here is a list if the ten best TV moms of all time:

10. Frankie Heck (The Middle):
There is a lot wrong with Frankie as a mom: she is disorganized, envious, lazy, and filled with other careless vices. What makes her great is that despite her shortcomings, it is clear that she had built a life around her family. She might not do it well, but she raised them with good morals and values and let them know they are loved.

9. Shirley Bennett (Community):
When her husband Andre left her, Shirley worked hard to get an education to build a business for her kids. And when she had a chance to reconcile with her husband, she understood that children have a better shot at life with 2 parents and tried again to build a family.

8. Kitty Foreman (That '70's Show)
Her children made some horrid decisions, but Kitty really tried to raise them right. She was a bit too naive, but she reached out and made a home for those had worse parents and tried to show others how to be better parents 

7. Marge Simpson (The Simpsons):
Marge has her occasional lapses in judgement with gambling, alcohol, steroids and the like.  But most of the time she does her best to create a nurturing home for her children and their bumbling father.

6. Deborah Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond):
In a cast of quirky characters, Deborah often needs to be the straight center. In that insanity she holds together her family. 

5. Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch):
Even though she gets a lot of flack for using s housekeeper to raise her family, Carol never allowed a separation of affection between her natural and adopted children. 

4. Laurie Grimes (The Walking Dead):
This might be the most controversial choice in the list. Yes, she started an affair with a man who became psychotic, but to be fair, she thought her husband was dead and it was the zombie apocalypse. But what puts her so high on this list, is that when it came time to choose between her life and that of her unborn child, she gave hers away. And as beatiful were her last words to her son. Instead of telling Carl to do whatever he needs to do to survive, she tells him to be good, no matter how hard the world makes it to do so. What better legacy could a mother leave.

3. Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show):
Not only was she an accomplished lawyer, she was a no-nonsense mom who demanded the best out of her kids in order to have them succeed.

2. Lorelei Gilmore (Gilmore Girls):
There are a lot of problems Lorelei had in her personal life, her relationships, etc. but she was actually a good mother. Or at least she was the best mother she knew how to be. Yes, she had a buddy-buddy relationship with her daughter, which I generally hate. But she refused to be the "cool mom" who looked the other way while her child did wrong. When her daughter started breaking up a marriage, Lorelei confronted her despite the hatred that came her way.

1. Martha Kent (Smallville):
Smart and accomplished, she made sure to put her adopted son first in all things and raise him with a solid moral compass. She taught him the value of hard work, good love, and real life.

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