Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Evangelizers Post: An Interview About Ministry

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A few months back, I was interviewed by a former student about my thoughts on Christian ministry.  (I have revised it so that it uses the pseudonym WL Grayson)  I’m afraid he makes me sound better than I am, especially when I reference ideas from wiser and holier people than me like CS Lewis and Mother Theresa.  Here is an excerpt of what he wrote.

I should probably introduce Mr. Grayson, a veteran teacher of fourteen years, ten of them at my former school.  He currently teaches the freshmen level theology courses, film appreciation, film production, theater, and moderates the Film Club, Socratic Club, Juggling Club, and Board Game Club. 

He is not the tallest teacher on the faculty, but he casts a very large presence and is one of the teachers who I have the highest respect for out of any of my teachers before or since.  After the students leave the room, we sit down and begin our discussion on ministry.  Our discussion begins as any discussion with an expert in the Socratic Method should begin: with defining our terms. 

Grayson begins with defining ministry as “identifying a need and voluntarily addressing it” and then moves to stating that in Christian ministry the need that is to be addressed is the salvation of souls.  He states that “all ministry is geared towards this one fundamental need.” 

You can read the entire article here.

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