Sunday, February 1, 2015

Trailer Time: Fantastic Four Teaser

There have been a lot rumors about Josh Trank's reboot of Fantastic Four.  Most of them have been negative.  So a lot has been riding on this first teaser.

THE GOOD: What I can say about it is that visual look of the film is strong.  I particularly like the look of the cast.  I was dubious about Miles Teller, but he seems to pull off the strong, but nerdy look.  And even those tiny seconds of film, Kate Mara seems like a much smarter Sue Storm than Jessica Alba.

THE NOT-SO-GOOD:  I really don't know what the heroes will look like.  It was very sparse on the super powers.  And I want to see how they will handle all of those things.  Also, I still have no sense of the story, although it seems like they are taking their cue from Ultimate Fantastic Four, which is fine by me.

So right now, I am cautiously optimistic, but I need to see more.


Also, does anyone else notice that the Thing isn't wearing pants in the last shot?

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