Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Casting Call: Spider-Man

With Marvel ramping up to bring in a new Spider-Man to the MCU, it is time to cast a new wall crawler.

From what I understand, they want to skew a bit younger, keeping him in high school longer.  I also keep hearing the rumor that they are going to use Miles Morales.  I've said this before and I will say it again: terrible idea!

Peter Parker is Spider-Man.  Period.

So what we need is someone with Peter's vulnerability and wit but who cans till come off as an action star.

Here are our choices:

Josh Hutcherson
photo by Gage Skidmore

We know he can work in a big franchise and can do the action thing. And if you saw his latest performance in Mockinjay, he does have some skill.

Donald Glover
photo by Galeen Hadlett
He publicly campaigned for the part. He could definitely bring the humor and with that the character needs. I'd be very curious if he could bring the dramatic side.

Dylan O’Brien
photo by Gage Skidmore
We know that he can hold the center of a big-spectacal movie in The Maze Runner.  He definitely can still pass as a teenager while bringing a believable action hero quality.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster
photo by Elen Nivrae
This would be going for a much more cerebral Peter Parker, that would emphasize his nerdy-ness. While this was played up a bit in the last movie, I think they could push this more.

Steven Yeun
photo by Gage Skidmore
While he has grown a lot on the show The Walking Dead, he could still play very young. And he does have great comedic and dramatic range. He's basically the Spider-Man of The Walking Dead anyway.

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  1. I'd vote against Steven Yeun because he'd probably be killed off of Walking Dead, and I like Glenn. Other than that, I might lean towards Josh because he's the only one I've seen in a movie.