Saturday, March 1, 2014

Trailer Time: Godzilla

The second trailer is better than the first.  I like how you still don't get a full shot of Godzilla.  In the first few Alien movies, you don't get a very clear shot of what the entire xenomorphs look like.  Later, they showed you more and they were less scary.

I find this Godzilla terrifying.

And Cranston's voice over is awesome.  To quote the meme going around the interwebs: Godzilla is the one who knocks!

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  1. Love it! I appreciate your blog. I work for a small-ish parish and often have to justify/rationalize for others how we live theologically in our modern world. (I had parents try to talk me out of an offer to meet kids at the "Noah" movie, because it wasn't, in their minds, theologically correct. Well, it was Hollywood-ized, but still correct for our times, just not a 1950's understanding of the story of the Great Flood.) We have to choose our battles, and some things are allowed to be fun, including things in the modern secular world. Our youth are going to see Godzilla together this weekend. : )
    Thanks, sir!