Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Big Bang Lantern Corps

I tweeted this on Thursday, but I just had to geek out about it one more time.

In Geoff Johns' legendary run on Green Lantern, he introduced the idea of the emotional spectrum.  As a result, there a corps not just of green, but all seven colors each with a corresponding emotion:

Red = Rage
Orange = Avarice
Yellow = Fear
Green = Will
Blue  = Hope
Indigo = Compassion
Violet = Love

(click link to see picture)

I noticed that on this past episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon was wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt as he often does. 

But the 6 remaining characters were wearing the colors of the other corps:

Bernadette - Red
Howard - Orange
Amy - Yellow
Raj - Blue
Leonard - Indigo
Penny - Violet

(click link to see picture)

I do not know if this was intentional.  I know that Chuck Lorre, the executive producer, is a huge DC fan.  This is why the apartment and the comic store is filled with DC characters and very rarely Marvel.

But throughout the show, I noticed traits of the different emotional spectrums coming through:

Bernadette was always yelling in rage against Leonard.
Leonard kept worrying that he hurt Penny's feelings.
Amy was nervous because she had never spent time alone with Howard.

Maybe I'm crazy, but if this was a hat tip to GL fans.  Then:

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