Saturday, October 12, 2013

Katy Perry Desecrates Muslim Religion and Media Loves It!

  Check out this excerpt from an article at about Katy Perry's recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show:

We love it when Katy Perry gets playful! The singer appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in NYC on Thursday night in a wonderfully whimsical outfit featuring a pleated leather burka and House of Holland Prophet Mohhamad-print collared top. Spiritual! Naughty! Adorbz! ... See how easily she transitions from cute Teenage Dream to sophisticated lady and back again?! Just one of her many skills! 

Over at, they wrote:

K-Pezza is no stranger to a controversial look so this one is actually pretty reserved for her. Pairing an awesome, Prophet Mohammed print shirt with a burka... After seeing this, we're kinda considering raiding our wardrobe for our old hijab, but what do you reckon - think Katy's got the right idea or should we be backing away from the Sharia chic?

Of course, this is a joke.  No sane celebrity would dare be this insensitive to a religion with a billion members.  

Unless of course its the Catholic Church.

Take the two above excerpts and replace "Prophet Mohammed" with "Virgin Mary" and "burka" with something akin to "Catholic school girl outfit."

I am, of course, not advocating that people take sacred symbols of Muslims and desecrate them.  We saw worldwide violence erupt whenever event he rumor of something like this occurs.  But adorn your intentionally over-sexualized outfit with the Holy Mother of the Catholic Church?  Adorbz!

But I think the larger cultural issue is the desecration of the sacred.  A completely permissive society can have nothing sacred where souls can take refuge.  Old churches are turned into night clubs.  Movies and books like The DaVinci Code slander the faith.  And our sacred, timeless images are subsumed to some flash-in-the-pan chic fad.

But we are Catholics.  And so we don't respond with violent outrage.  We are called to respond to hatred with love.  We don't end up with a Theo VanGough situation.  That is why we are the favorite target of the pop culture bullies.  

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