Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Star Wars Movie Every Year

News has just broken that Disney plans to make a new Star Wars movie every year.

Apparently, the plan is to do the new trilogy like the old.  But this time, instead of 2 years in between each, it will only be one year.   And then they will have a stand alone movie each year in between.  So it should look something like this:

2015: Star Wars Episode VII
2016: Stand Alone Star Wars Movie
2017: Star Wars Episode VIII
2018: Stand Alone Star Wars Movie
2019: Star Wars Episode IX

After that, the future is unknown.  This is a much more rapid turnover of films.  Obviously this will require more directors than just JJ Abrams.

I don't know if the stand-alones will be related to the new trilogy or if they will be something completely different, like the once rumored 7 Samurai-style Zack Snyder project.

I holding my anticipation until I find out more of the story, but this sounds good!


  1. I'm almost worried about overkill. The idea is great, but I'm wondering if people would get too indifferent about it. That or the risk of putting out one flop could hurt the universe.

    meh, I guess they do the same thing with marvel studios, and so far, so good.

    1. I think your point about the Marvel studios is a good one. Since they are both owned by Disney, I think they are using the same model. And if they are as concerned about that franchise as they are about the Marvel ones, I think they will be desperate to only turn out a good product