Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The 1/2 Man's Filthy Thoughts

Photo by Angela George

Angus Jones, the "1/2" in Two and a 1/2 Men recently called his show "filth" and urged people not to watch it.

He did so because of Seventh Day Adventist religious convictions.

Obviously, this is a big no-no in Hollywood.  Though I will be curious to see how his career progresses.  Charlie Sheen horribly bad-mouthed his show and he immediately got another series on F/X.  His complaints were fueled by his self-centered, hedonistic lifestyle.

But Jones' criticism comes from a religious and moral place.  Will he receive the same tolerance as Sheen.  Of course Jones rails against the show while making $350,000.00 per episode, so a legitimate observation about hypocrisy can be made.

I am very curious to see what happens.

The great Jimmy Akin has written an reasoned and insightful piece that I would recommend reading here.

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