Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

So the first full trailer for Captain Marvel has arrived.

Some people have complained about Brie Larson's slightly stilted performance.  I cannot argue with that appearance, but others have also pointed out that the movie implies that she has had some heavy brainwashing.

The "noble warriors" line sounds cheesy, but I think in context it will work.  We know from Guardians of the Galaxy that the Kree produced fanatics like Ronan.  I think the story is going to show that Carol has been abducted into an elite killer force and has been brainwashed into thinking that she is on the side of the good guys.  Her journey will be her slow awakening.

For the most part, the trailer is fine.  It doesn't really pick up for me until the end.  Like the teaser, the montage of her standing up for herself was visually powerful and I love the reveal of the full costume.

Overall, it doesn't have me super excited, but there is nothing in this trailer to turn me off to seeing the movie.  Even if it turns out to be lesser Marvel, it looks like it will be an enjoyable time in the theater.


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