Sunday, April 16, 2017

Christ is Risen! Easter 2017

As I have gotten older, the impact of this day resonates more and more.

There is darkness and gloom in this fallen world, but Christ has conquered the world.

If we are so blessed, then even death cannot separate us.  We can still be in communion with those who have gone on.  But more importantly we will see them again one day.  I once wrote that the Resurrection reminds us that how we love each other as human beings is eternally important.  I wrote that in the future after each of us dies that I would be so glad to be reunited with my wife soul to soul in heaven.  But the Resurrection reminds me that one day I will be able to walk with her again hand-in-hand too.

And I know that this does not compare, but after spending a month in the hospital not being able to walk, the idea of "rising up" takes on a different meaning for me.  Yes, there was great effort on my part, but I was broken and could not fix myself.  I needed another to raise me up.

Christ was raised up so that He could raise me up.

And I was raised up so that I could work with Him to raise others up.

So today, let us put aside any of the old baggage of our old lives.  Today let us look only to being raised up with Jesus and raising others up with Him.

He is Risen.


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