Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday Best: Emmy Results 2016

I meant to get this up last week but I was a bit sidetracked.

So Hollywood has declared to us once again what the greatest achievements in television this year.

Here are my observations:

1.  On Time
The best compliment I can give to the show is that they kept it brief enough to end on time.  The show removed a lot of the fluff and that made the viewing much less annoying.  Yes, there was the strange Stranger Things sandwich gag that went on too long, but for the most part, Jimmy Kimmel kept the show moving fairly well.

2.  Making the Edgy Mainstream

Game of Thrones, though always popular with the Geek Community and Emmy voters, pushes the envelope with its explicit sex and violence.  The show is now the most awarded show in Emmy history with 38 Emmys.  And I do not want to diminish all of the show's competence in the skills of film making, but I do think the Emmy Awards want to elevate the cutting edge.  I see that also in its accolades given to Transparent.  Now that the battle for gay "marriage" has been won, transphobia is the new cause celeb.  And in awarding the Best Actor and Actress in the Drama category to two young actors, the Emmy's are once again trying to show how with the times they are.  Though to be fair, I've heard nothing but amazing things about Tatiana Maslany's work.

3.  Politics

As always, our celebrity betters, who are obviously more informed and enlightened than the rest of us, made clear who we should vote for in November over and over again.  While this was to be expected, it was done at such an intense level that even I was taken aback.

4.  Low Ratings

The ratings for the show were even lower than last year.  As I mentioned in my previous post on the subject, I do not think that this is a reflection of the host or the awards show production itself.  It is a reflection of the fact that there are very few things for people to root for.  If The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory (two of the most popular shows on TV right now) were nominated in all of the major categories, you would see a ratings boost.

5.  Highlight of the Night: Patton Oswalt's Acceptance Speech.

I have always like Patton Oswalt.  I was so sad for him when his wife passed away unexpectedly earlier in the year.  Listening to him speak very candidly about the pain he and his young daughter have endured is truly heartbreaking.  But what moved me so much was when the outspoken atheist comedian accepted the award he thanked his daughter who was waiting at home and another who was "waiting somewhere else I hope."  I do not want to read too much into this statement, but I thought it was a beautiful tribute to the love he has for his wife and the instinct that love is stronger than death.


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