Thursday, October 13, 2016

99th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima

Bl. Jacinta Marto, Lucia Santos, and Bl. Francesco Marto

99 years ago today, the sun danced at Fatima.

One of the reasons that the apparition of Mary at Fatima is so famous is that Our Blessed Mother predicted the miracle five months in advance and tens of thousands of witnesses saw it.  In a world where people constantly demand for signs from God like a message in the sky... I can't think of a better sign to point them towards than that of Fatima.

Next year it will be the centennial of that great event.  I pray that in the last 100 years we have moved closer to living her message: pray the rosary daily, wear the brown scapular, go to mass on the first Saturday of the month, offer up your daily duty to God, pray for the conversion of the world (especially Russia), and unite your sacrifices to Christ.

Those three children (Lucia, Jacinta, and Francesco) lived out their calling and are now with their Lady in Heaven.

May we follow their example and be so blessed.

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