Thursday, April 7, 2016

Trailer Time: Rogue One - A Star Wars Story


So here are some thoughts

1.  New Nostalgia.  I love the return to the aesthetic, sets, and costumes from A New Hope.  What makes this so interesting is that like The Force Awakens, this is a return to the original but in a different way.  Episode VII was an homage to the characters, themes, and plot of the first Star Wars.  This is returning to the world of that first movie, but it comes at it from a seemingly icier point of view.  I am fascinated by this.

2.  WWII Movie.  Watching this I could not help remembering some of the great movies about World War II that I watched when I was younger like The Dirty Dozen or Operation: Crossbow.  While the larger war was happening, these films focused on a group of heroes and antiheroes who had to accept inglorious missions to assure that the "big heroes" could succeed.  I also find this idea intriguing.

3.  Unique.  While there are a lot of familiar sights in this teaser, it all feels so new and unlike anything in the Star Wars cinematic universe.  I was a huge fan of the old Extended Universe, particularly because you could explore often overlooked corners of this movie cosmos.  I see that potential here.



  1. Interesting point about WW II movies and SW. So far it doesn't look like much. If this is a Universe, why not explore something new?

  2. It does have a sort of expanded universe feel to it, maybe something along the lines of the X-Wing series. The woman (I'm assuming the main character) seems like she's been arrested at the beginning. How bad do you have to be to get arrested by the Rebels?
    On the picky side, why would you be setting the Death Star's focusing disc in place like that. It's inefficient, and will probably end in a crash. Why not just build it in place?