Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Golden Globe Tweets

In case you aren't on Twitter and were just dying to find out what my thoughts were to find out what I thought about things like Ms. Bisset's weird ramblings or the teleprompter troubles, then you can read them below (note, you should read them from bottom to top for chronological order)

I was very surprised at how many of my choices for this year's Catholic Skywalker Awards coincided with the Golden Globes.  Maybe they're finally reading my blog on a daily basis like they should :)

  1. 12 Years A Slave wins. Night is over, I'm going to sleep
  2. All I can think of is that with this best actor win, it will bring more attention to Interstellar
  3. Could someone explain the appeal of Woody Allen films to me?
  4. American Hustle wins. One step closer to an award that matters
  5. Leo wins. Lets see If he gets an Oscar nomination
  6. Freshmen comedy Brooklyn 99 wins! Good show, but over P&R and TBBT?
  7. Hey, they're giving a lifetime achievement award to Soon-Yi's stepfather/husband
  8. Amy Poehler wins and this is the 3rd time the HFP has been following my CatholicSkywalker awards! About time!
  9. Again, no shocks here that Liberace gets the win.
  10. I wonder how many people watching at home care about what foreign film wins?
  11. Wow! Andy Sandburg wins. Shocking but he is great in that show
  12. Spike Jonez wins best screenplay, but American Hustle should have won of the nominees.
  13. Jared Leto wins best supporting actor. But did he have to talk about waxing his privates?
  14. The Hollywood Foreign press listened to me again on Amy Adams. Good for them
  15. Robert Downey Jr. presenting best actress: "No matter whose name is in this envelope, I will leave here a winner."
  16. Jon Voight wins. I remember the last time I saw him in tv was when he bit Kramer
  17. Bono's consolation prize for Spider-Man closing in Broadway is a Golden Globe (@ min 55)
  18. Alex Ebert looks like he just woke up (@ min 51). Sounds like he's pulling a Bisset
  19. I think this is the first time the globes agreed my Catholic Skywalker award for best drama. Glad they're listening to me
  20. Cranston needed to win. No question. After all, he's in the empire business (@ min 39)
  21. Looks like Michael Bay's TelePrompTer problems are contagious (@ min 36)
  22. Matt Damon: the garbage man who didn't bring his glasses. Probably a better role than his part in Elysium
  23. Wow, Zoe Bartlett grew up and won an award (@ min 26). And she's quoting Jennifer Lawrence
  24. Behind the candelabra wins more awards. This is a shock to nobody
  25. Bisset is a good example of why you need to practice a speech before you get up there... She's still talking...
  26. Jennifer Lawrence wins. Well deserved. I bet all the actresses in Hollywood hate her (@ min 13)
  27. "We're going to get this show done in 3 hrs. Or as Martin Scorcese calls it: Act One." (@ min 10)
  28. Tina and Amy are doing a nice job of ribbing the stars.
  29. Just about ready to "live" tweet the golden globes. I'm behind by 43 minutes, but I'm sure there's only 10min of good stuff on the Dvr

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