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New Evangelizers Post: Public Revelation vs. Private Revelation

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After my conversion experience at 17-years-old, I was on fire.  I wanted to be Super Catholic and share that passion with everyone, much to the annoyance of many.  I have learned to temper much of my enthusiasm, I hope, with a bit more wisdom.  One area where this was incredibly helpful is in the area of private revelations.

There is a buzz going around on the interwebs that the Vatican will soon make some dramatic conclusion regarding the supposed apparitions at Medjugorje.  Since the 1980′s, several children (all now adults) said that the Blessed Virgin appeared to them every day with messages and warnings.  Pilgrims from all over the world have gone to witness these miracles.

Fr. Larry Richards, whom I wrote about on this website, travelled there and witnessed the fruits of repentance in the confessionals.  I purchased a Medjugorje prayer book that I used daily for years.  When the internet was all new to me, I found Medjugorje forums where Mary’s messages were posted.  I printed them out and gave them to others.  I’ve travelled to hear one of the visionaries speak.
But things have started to unravel there.  The spiritual director of the children was laicized by Pope Benedict XVI.  The CDF (Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith at the Vatican) has issued a letter to churches in America not to sponsor any pilgrimages to Medjugorje or have speakers from Medjugorje if they assume the visions’ authenticity.  Word going around is that soon the Vatican will make an official pronouncement.

So how does this affect my faith, since I invested so much in these visions?

It doesn’t affect it at all.

Why is that?

You can read the whole thing here.

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