Monday, November 11, 2013

Charity of the Month: Typhoon Appeal

I know that the economy could be stronger and that money is tight.

But I've been looking at some of the photos coming out of the Philippines and my heart is breaking.

My father came to this country from the Philippines, and so this cause is personal to me.

There are whole communities completely wiped out and many are still searching for loved ones.  I could not imagine the turmoil and terror that they are enduring.  I remember last year after Hurricane Sandy we were without power for a week.  That was a challenge for us, but nothing compared to the desolation and devastation in my father's homeland.

The Red Cross is a wonderful organization that makes sure that 91% of the money gets to the people who need it.

Please pray about it and consider donating to the Typhoon relief here.

And as always, I will never ask of you anything I am not willing to do myself.

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