Thursday, August 22, 2013

Proof That Readers of This Blog are Brilliant

So a year ago, I put a Casting Call Poll on who should be cast as Batman for the upcoming DC Cinematic universe franchise.

Readers of this blog voted and said that the best choice would be Ben Affleck.

photo by Medill DC

Lo and behold the news from Deadline Hollywood:

Ben Affleck cast as Batman!

The movie is set for a 2015 release.  So once again The Avengers will battle The Dark Knight for summer movie dominance.  (not to mention this is the same year as Star Wars Episode VII)

I think Affleck is a great choice.  Some people had issue with his Daredevil.  I did not, and I think that movie is an underrated film.  But even if he lacked a certain gravitas in that movie, look at how much he has grown as an actor in films like Argo, but particularly check out The Town.  Watch the latter and you will not doubt that Affleck can be Batman.

And the readers of this blog predicted this a year in advance.

You guys rock!

I have the best readers in all the inter webs.

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  1. While I don't hate Ben Affleck, he might be a little too big named for me... He's a good actor, but I think you need a great actor to shatter that barrier of only seeing Bem Affleck in a Batman costume. Should be interesting if they can pull it off.