Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Comics: AvX Consequences

Sometimes my favority part of a story is resolution at the end.  I love the Deathly Hallows epilogue and still listen attentively to the shrink who explains Norman Bates' psychosis. 

And I think the same is true of AvX: Consequences.  This mini-series is presented to tie up the loose character ends from the Avengers vs. X-Men event.

I find it ironic that this follow-up is necessary considering the length of Avengers vs. X-Men.  There was a lot of story padding to get them to 12 issues.  They could have dedicated a good portion to an extended epilogue in the story proper.

But the thing about AvX: Consequences that is particularly good is establishing the new status quo for two particular characters.


The classic struggle in the X-Men universe has been Xavier vs. Magneto. 

That is all out the window now.  The new fault lines are around Wolverine and Cyclops.  X-Men Schism started the fissure, but it is now complete in this series.

The X-Men series began with Xavier and Magneto already enemies who were once friends in the past.  But we've grown up with Scott and Logan as, if not friends, allies banded as brothers.  To experience that comroderie and see where it is now is heartbreaking.

Wolverine, for good or ill, is now the main custodian of Xavier's dream.  He is the new father-figure who must guide his children into a new era of human/mutant piece. 

Cyclops' descent has been painfully gradual.  We can see the seeds of it all the way back in Grant Morrison's run on the book.  He started adopting more militant and paranoid tactics.  But the real difference occured when he decided that he was not a hero to all people, but for the mutants.  Once that happened, his ends-justify-the-means ethic led inexorably to his tragic fall.

Thankfully, this rivalry feels genuine, unlike the forced hatred between Captain America and Iron Man in Civil War

If they stick with this story, then we are the beginning of one of Marvel's greatest potential villains. 

It is sad and exciting at the same time.

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