Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thank You, Lord, For Teaching Me Humility (#2)

So today I volunteered to work the phone bank for the candidate I am supporting in the Presidential race.  These fancy phones are like little computers where you hit buttons to move you to the next call and then you hit buttons to record the results of your call.  Then you hit the "next call" button and a new name pops up so that you know who you are talking to.

So I make a few calls.  After about the 20th call I hit the next button again.

And the phone dials the number for the first girl I ever asked out.

I try hanging up the phone, but it doesn't end the call.

I hope that I get a voicemail, but no.  She answers.

I panic.

I took my voice down about 5 octaves (My normal voice is weirdly high-pitched).

I say, "Hello, my name is [CatholicSkywalker] and I'm a volunteer for the ["Person-I'm-Voting-For"] campaign.  Can he count on your vote this election?"

Her response, "Sorry.  I'm not interested."

And I thought: From her, that sounds oddly familiar.

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