Friday, August 21, 2020

Trailer Time: Death on the Nile

I am a huge fan of Kenneth Branagh and I LOVED Murder on the Orient Express.  It had such a classic style while telling an engrossing mystery with an all-star cast.

This trailer for the sequel looks so much like the first trailer of Murder that it seems like Branagh is trying to make another hit by using the exact same formula:

-all star cast

-exotic location

-suspects cooped up on a travelling vessel.

-include at least one comedian not known for drama (Josh Gad in the first, Russell Brand in this one)

-the case tests the morality of the detective.

-use an anachronistic pop song in the trailer.

I cannot tell if this is a good idea for the movie or not.  However, as a trailer, I think it is very good.  It makes me remember the feelings I had seeing Murder, and it made me excited to see this one.

Like the first movie, I have not read the books on which they are based.  So I am looking forward to trying to figure out whodunit.


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