Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Best: Top Doctor Who Villains

A hero is only as good as his villain, or so the saying goes.

This week, will be the last in my current Doctor Who series of "Sunday Best."

In modern Doctor Who, we have a great mix of classic villains and ones that were invented just for the the new run.  So here are the top 6 villains from the show.

6.  Daleks

This is supposed to be the main adversarial race of the Time Lords.  And while there are some wonderful epic stories about them, the design and functionality of the Daleks always feels a bit out of place.  With the exception of "Asylum of the Daleks" I don't think that they have ever really lived up to their full potential.  However, they are a perennial villain in the series in a way that no other group is.

5.  The Master

He/She is the Blofeld to The Doctor's Bond.  The insane evil that runs through this character gives us a wonderful dark mirror as to what the Doctor could be if he gave in to his darker impulses.  The Doctor is on the side of the angels, but that line gets pretty thin.  The presence of the Mast reminds us that the Time Lords are dangerous beings and that the moral compass must be set right or disaster will occur.

4.  Cybermen

Like the Daleks, they are a classic set of adversaries.  But when used well, they can be terrifying as well.  In "The Doctor Falls," we see them as the soulless, unstoppable force that they are and feel their dark, agonizing presence as they encroach on all life.  They are the ultimate sign of scientific progress without the human heart.

3.  The Martian Water Parasites.

Few things on the show have been scarier to me than the water parasites in "The Waters of Mars" special.  Anyone who comes into contact with the water becomes a mindless, terrifying zombie.  The design on these zombies is downright chilling and the ever-present threat of contact with the contaminated water gave them a claustrophobic power.

2.  Vashni Narada

Doctor Who words best when it gives a foundation to some of our primal fears.  Why are we afraid of the dark?  Because there are creatures that lurk in the dark ready to devour us.  The Vashni Narada are so scary because you can see them, but they are hungry and they will feast on your flesh if they mark you.  Shadows are all around and they can get you when you least expect it.  Terrifying villains.

1.  Weeping Angels.

Some have said these villains have become less scary over the years.  And to some extent they are right.  But the downright horror they inspire in their premiere appearnce in "Blink" will never be overcome.  Devoid of any visible movement, they put all of the pressure on you to keep them at bay.  If they get you, it's your fault for not being strong enough to keep your eyes on them.  They will get you, it's only a matter of time and weakness.

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